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Happy Women’s Month to all the Women
Spring Cleaning

Gender Based Violence - Our Country is under a dark cloud of this monster called gender based violence..  We call upon all men especially those who believe in Christ to protect and respect our women and children.  They don’t deserve to be killed but they deserve to be loved and taken care of.   The following websites can be visited:

www.powa.co.za  and www.joko.co.za

CRIME STATS - The South African Police Service, with Stats SA, has published the country’s crime statistics for 2019/20, showing which types of criminal activity have increased – and decreased – in the past year.

Its a pity that even though there is an overall decrease, however some of the serious crimes are still on the increase.

Carjackings increased by 13.3%  (at least 50 cars are stolen every day)

Murders  increased by 1.4% (that is 58  people are murdered a day)

This shows that our nation needs a serious moral regeneration. As Christians we have a major role to play in reviving the  morals .

Summary  Report                                        Full Report

Thank you KwaZulu Natal District for hosting the Conference in October 2019 and the Induction Service on the in December 2019. Your hospitality was highly appreciated.

The Annual General Conference for the year 2020 shall be held at Upington Circuit within the North Western Cape District.

The Conference shall be preceded by the Connexional YMPU and WPU Conventions.

Book your Leave at work Early :

Arrival                   - Friday, 2nd October 2020

Connexionals         - 3rd - 5th October 2020

Farewell Service     - 4th October 2020

Annual Conference - 5th - 9th October 2020

List of the following Conferences

2020 - North West Cape

2021 - Eastern Cape

2022 - North West, Wits and Botswana

2023 - Free State and Lesotho

2024 - Western Transkei

2025 - Eastern Gauteng and Mpumalanga

2026 - Central Transkei

2027 - KwaZulu Natal

2028 - Eastern Transkei

Covid-19 (Corona Virus Dieses 2019) - 2020 has been a very rough year with Covid-19 attaching the world.  It started as something that was far away but now we see it and we feel it.  May the Lord be with all the families that have lost their loved ones.  May the Lord help those who are infected to recover soon.  May the souls of those who passed on Rest In Peace .  As  the Church we call upon all the South Africans to comply with the Covid-19 / State of Disaster Regulations in order to be safe.  

Use the following contacts for information regarding Covid-19:

Emergency Hotline: 0800 029 999    www.sacoronavirus.co.za

WhatsApp Line: 0600-123456            www.worldometers.info/coronavirus

It is unfortunate that there are allegations of corruption on the tenders  for the PPE’s.  This is bad and it would be appreciated if the law will play its role.