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District Leadership

Eastern Gauteng and Mpumalanga

   Dr Rev. M.E. Besane (Supt)
                           Chairman of the District

Dr Rev. M.E. Besane (Supt) - Secretary of the Synod                                            and Statistical Secr.
Sis. M.E. Shata - Treasurer
Bro. P. Hlathswayo -  Trustee
Jev. N.P. Besane - Chairlady
Sis. M.M. Ngcongwana - Preachers’ President
Dr Rev. M.E. Besane (Supt) - YMPU President
Dr Rev. M.E. Besane (Supt) - YPD President
North West, Wits and Botswana

                        Dr Rev. M.E. Besane (Supt)
                        Chairman of the District

Rev. P.M.J. Moloi (Supt) - Secretary of the Synod
Rev. J.M.T. Moloko - Statistical Secretary
Sis. M.N. Makalima - Treasurer
Bro. P. Marumo -  Trustee
Jev. N.P. Besane - Chairlady
Rev. P.M.J. Moloi (Supt) - Preachers’ President
Rev. J.M.T. Moloko (Supt) - YMPU President
Sis. V.s. Magasa - YPD President
KwaZulu Natal

                            Dr Rev. M.M. Dladla (Supt)
                            Chairman of the District

Rev. G.B.P. Shabalala (Supt) - Secretary of the Synod
Rev. T.P. Tafu (Supt) - Statistical Secretary
Bro. S.D. Shabalala - Treasurer
Bro. M.Z. Hadebe - Trustee
Jev. T.M. Dladla - Chairlady
Rev. M.K. Dladla (Supt) - Preachers President
Rev. T.P. Tafu (Supt) - YMPU President
Sis. S.C. Mkhize - YPD President
Frees State and Lesotho

                              Rev. Z.A. Tyopo (Supt)
                              Chairman of the District

Rev. P. Xekwa  - Secretary of the Synod and                          Statistical Secretary
Sis. M. Kumalo - Treasurer
Sis. S.M. Mohapi -  Trustee
Jev. G.N. Tyopo - Chairlady
Bro. A. Mbena - Preachers President
Rev. A.Z. Tyopo (Supt) - YMPU President
Bro. S. Moshoeu - YPD President
Western Transkei

                        Rev. L.N. Mpetsheni (Supt)
                        Chairman of the District
Rev. T.S. Nyenyeku - Secretary of the Synod
Rev. M. Mbopho (Supt.) - Statistical Secretary
Bro. L.M. Ntlangano - Treasurer
Bro. D. Badaza - Trustee
Jev. Mpetsheni - Chairlady
Rev. L.N. Mpetsheni (Supt) - Preachers’ President
Rev. M. Mbopho (Supt) - YMPU President
Sis. N. Sikwebu - YPD President
Eastern Transkei

                           Rev. D.T. Pakkies (Supt)
                           Chairman of the District

Rev. B.W. Mvango (Supt) - Secretary of the Synod
                                        and Statistical Secretary
Sis. E. Gwaxa - Treasurer
Sis. G. Mzilikazi - Trustee
Jev. C.N. Pakkies - Chairlady
Rev. B.W. Mvango (Supt) - Preachers President
Rev. B.W. Mvango (Supt) - YMPU President
Sis. B.D. Majova - YPD President
North Western Cape

                           Rev. W.M. Giqwa (Supt)
                           Chairman of the District

Rev. S.W.M. Jacobs (Supt) - Secretary of the Synod
Rev. T.F. Manqindana - Statistical Secretary
Bro. M.G. De Booi - Treasurer
Bro. P. Gwegwana - Trustee
Jev. B.T. Jacobs - Chairlady
Rev. S.W.M. Jacobs (Supt) - YMPU President
Sis. S. Block - YPD President
Central Transkei

                            Rev. M.M. Maqanda (Supt)
                            Chairman of the District

Rev. G.N. Ndinga - Secretary of the Synod and                              Statistical Secretary
Sis. V.N. Qokoyi - Treasurer
Sis. V.N. Qokoyi - Trustee
Jev. F.M. Maqanda - Chairlady
Bro. D.D. Baleni - Preachers’ President
Rev. G.N. Ndinga - YMPU President
Sis. X. Mangala - YPD President
Eastern Cape

                           Dr Rev. G.B.M. Mtshotshisa (Supt) (Supt)                   District under Presidency

Rev. T.W. Ngwenya (Supt) - Secretary of the Synod
Rev. T.T. Nxanyana - Statistical secretary
Sis. G.N. Soyana - Treasurer
Bro. H.B. Maseti - Trustee
Jev. N.S.N. Mtshotshisa - Acting Chairlady
Bro. H.B. Maseti - Preachers’ President
Rev. T.W. Ngwenya (Supt) - YMPU President
Sis. G.N. Soyana - YPD President