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The word of wisdom :

From : President of Conference - Dr Rev G B M Mtshotshisa

Bantu Methodist Church of Southern Africa

To: Members of church and Community

The word of God clearly and loudly says :

Troubles and Persecutions

St Matthew : Chapter 24 Verse 7

Countries will fight each other, Kingdoms will attach one another, There will be famines and earthquakes everywhere.

Let me start by greeting you in the name above all names, the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, "Amen".

The year 2016 has began with many challenges in our lifetime, such as drought, drought, live stocks are dying day by day, many killings of innocent people due to drugs dealing within our country, Stealing of goods and house breakings, you name it.

I therefore appeal to all Christians around the world to set a time of praying to the almighty, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings the Doctor of Doctors to protect and heal our Nation that he gave to us through His only Son "Jesus Christ " Amen.

As the President of the abovementioned Church I took a firm stand on behalf of the Bantu Methodist Church of Southern Africa, to voice our trust in the Government and support the No to Xenophobia, No to family violence, No to drug abuse and No to Women and Child abuse  Programmes / Initiatives.    

Lastly,  to all South Africans, the year 2016 is a Local Government Election year. It is wise for all of us to exercise our right to vote.  Sitting back and do nothing is not going to help us. So please take part on the coming elections.

I thank you.

Year 2016 Message from the President of Conference